how did the ‘life is good’ brand ever take off

wishing macklemore hadn’t completely saturated the effin fake cheap fur coat market bc now i actually need one for winter in europe but can’t do it w/o feelin like a overly gratified hetero “ally” 


I also did some embroidery typography and photo collage for that magazine too! First time embroidering Japanese = lots of lots of patience.

Hi! We're Planned Parenthood: Does feminism make women less happy?


Recently, this dude pitched a sexist hissy fit and said that “feminism has made women less happy.”

A lot of us here at Planned Parenthood identify as feminists, and you know what? We’re actually feeling pretty good these days. In fact, before we found feminism we were hella bummed:

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thru June 16:

 Maria Petschnig

‡ On Stellar Rays ‡, 133 Orchard St., NYC

the exhibition includes “two videos, wall objects and a large-scale immersive installation. Petschnig’s work frequently deals with the intimate, confronting taboos and dominant ideals surrounding gender and sex. By subjugating her own body to the eyes of the camera and the public, Petschnig implicates the spectator in the construction of narrative and character, often going beyond comfortable social conventions.” - Huffington Post

4200 plants

4200 plants

it always is

it always is